Our BALI Award-Winning Landscape Project for Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester

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The Midland Decorative Surfaces team were involved in a landscaping project winning the 2015 BALI award for the best non-domestic Hard Landscaping Construction under £300K. Creating vibrant and functional courtyards within Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester, the project was one of the two winning constructions for the popular category, delivering excellence in service quality and commercial sustainability.


Working as part of a contract with architect Halsall Lloyd Partnership, The Landscape Group and other suppliers, the project involved multiple phases of work for the NHS Trust hospital whilst it was live – we were selected to supply resin surfacing for the courtyards, including the area immediately outside the paediatric ward. Due to the nature of the ward, immense consideration was taken to the design of the courtyard landscape; it needed to be colourful and inviting for the child patients, with surfacing that offered a safe and high performing environment. Equally, costs needed to be kept as low as possible to suit the Trust’s regimented budget, without impeding on the overall quality and delivery of the project.


BALI landscape project



In order to achieve the desired landscape we supplied a combination of blue, orange and yellow aggregates for the resin based surfacing, creating an aquatic design to engage children and create a more welcoming, friendly environment. The colourful surface worked well with the surrounding plants which picked out our bold orange and yellow tones, making for an impressive view from the windows looking onto the courtyard. The gravels and aggregates we use are natural and recycled, allowing us to install environmentally-friendly and sustainable surfaces in a number of coloured finishes and for a number of applications.


A resin based surface was ideal for this project, because it is such a durable and practical surfacing system for the busy, high volume hospital space. Our resin surfaces are hard wearing, with a life span ranging between 8-15 years. With safety in mind, our functional systems are made from a porous resin, meaning that water can pass through more effectively and prevent drainage problems. We also provide anti-slip finishes, much needed for the busy ward and as a measure to increase workplace and public safety.


A key consideration for the project was working around the demands of the live hospital, ensuring safe and convenient operations for those within the hospital. Our resin based surface allowed for improved operations, as it can be installed directly over an existing surface without the need for excavation. This means that we can minimise disruption and time, whilst reducing costs. The hospital can also benefit from the minimal maintenance required to upkeep the courtyard surfaces, compared to if a gravel or tarmac surface was used.


The premier British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) awards, is established to promote, support and inspire professionals to be leaders in the industry, with an emphasis on being environmentally, ethically, and commercially sustainable. To receive a BALI award is one of the landscape industries’ highest accolades – we’re extremely pleased that we were a part of a project recognised for its high level of achievement from within the industry and for a client such as the NHS Trust. We hope to continue to deliver high standard products and be recognised for our industry-leading services in future projects. If you have an upcoming landscaping project and would like to discuss the possibilities of a resin based surfacing system, we’d be happy to help. Please contact us by calling 0121 766 8705 or email us at jack@fbservices.co.uk.

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