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Resin Bound Driveway Project in Stratford, Warwickshire

With all the benefits of resin bound and resin bonded surfacing systems over asphalt, gravel and other common surfaces, it’s no wonder that resin surfaces are increasingly preferred for residential properties as well as commercial premises. Resin bound and bonded driveways provide highly durable, safe and aesthetically pleasing results.


We recently completed a driveway for a private home in Stratford, Warwickshire.

resin bound driveway

Our customer wanted the driveway to be split into two sections, with sandy coloured gravel separated from grey aggregate by cobble stones, to provide a striking, yet restrained finished result.

resin bound driveway Stratford


One of the biggest benefits of resin bound and resin bonded surfaces is that they can be applied to numerous surfaces without the need for major excavation. Before we laid the new resin bound surface and cobble stones for our customer’s driveway, we carried out all appropriate groundwork, including ensuring that working drainage was in place.

Stratford resin bound driveway project

If you are looking for a spectacular looking and long lasting new driveway, we would certainly recommend that you talk to us about our resin bound and resin bonded surfacing solutions. Our surfacing systems are very low maintenance, can provide a simple or highly decorative natural appearance, with an anti-slip surface that will last as long as 15 years.


To talk through your requirements and arrange for a free no obligation meeting with one of our friendly staff, call us now on 0121 766 8705.


Be Inspired: Resin Surface Landscapes Around the World

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The public spaces we walk through every day – streets we take to work, parks we spend time relaxing in and centres we use to shop – are key parts of our environment. Public spaces offer great social benefits to people and organisations around the world, and give local authorities a range of options to develop something interesting and unique.


Resin bound and bonded surfaces are formed from a mixture of natural aggregates set in a durable resin solution. They provide a premium performance for public environments, since they are long-lasting and resilient against varied weather conditions and weeds. Quick and simple to install and maintain, the porous resin bound and bonded surfacing is environmentally friendly and SuDS compliant.


Resin surfaces also allow for versatile design options – you can choose from a wide range of colours and create attractive patterns to suit the surroundings. Here we’ve collected some examples of innovative public spaces throughout the world, to inspire your landscaping project:


Buga Playground – Germany

Designer Rainer Schmidt turned this large outdoor space into an exciting playscape, with bold red winding paths in amongst grassy hills. The space also includes contrasting angular resin sections to create a fun and vibrant walking area.



(photo: RSL)

 (photo: RSL)

Zhengzhou Vanke Central Plaza – China

Zhengzhou’s Arrival Square was launched in 2013 to encourage community and social programs. The project aims to offer the growing residential base an interactive space for future events and recreational activities. Coloured resin is combined with minimalist stone to create a modern though playful arena.



(photo: Beton Brut)

(photo: Beton Brut)


Sensational Park  – Italy

Sensational Park is the first public space in the Corso Lazio, within the city of Frosinone. The development had been expected for 25 years by the local neighbourhood, as a scheme to renew its social presence and make people feel more comfortable and confident in their local area. It’s a very colourful space with large and small resin spheres for intimacy and fun.



6 7


Madrid RIO – Spain

Madrid RIO set up by the city’s mayor to connect the M30 ring motorway to the old city centre via a tunnel. Costing of six billion Euro, the project divides the space into over 40 sub-projects including squares, parks and boulevards, bridges etc. These multiple space work together to connect urban districts along the river to each other and the city centre. Resin and other surfacing in muted tones, build a classic feel to the space.



(photo: West8)

(photo: West8)

FDR Four Freedoms Park – New York

This serene public space was established as a memorial garden after nearly 40 years in the making, to commemorate Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The space comprises of the garden and room area, as well as a grove and a forecourt with sculpture. The garden faces the sea to remind visitors of the connections Roosevelt formed with Europe. Using large aggregates the gravel-like pathways sheltered by trees create a clean and more personal space.


10 11(photo: Barratt Doherty)


Whatever your landscaping project, we can help you transform your space with high performance resin surfacing. To find out more about our resin bonded and resin bound surfacing products and to discuss your requirements, you can call us on 0121 766 8705.



The Value of Adding a Resin Bound Driveway to Your Property

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There has never been a better time to add a driveway to your property and in particular, a resin bound driveway.  Across the UK, more and more homeowners and businesses are looking to convert the exterior space at the front of their property into a more practical use and here’s why:

  • resin bonded drivewaysAdding a driveway will improve the appeal and practicality of your home and could add as much as 10% to the value of your property.
  • As on-street parking permits increase in price, homeowners are seeing the value of turning their gardens into driveways to avoid the costly price hikes and make better use of their available space.
  • Driveways are easier to maintain than gardens and can save you time and money in the long run.
  • Businesses are increasingly having to cater for the rise in staff commuting via car, so it makes sense to convert as much of the exterior space available into driveways and car parking areas to accommodate the workforce and visitors, not to mention offering a tidy environment compared to garden areas which require more maintenance.

resin bonded driveway oxford

If you are thinking of developing your outside space by adding a driveway let us explain why we believe our resin bound systems are the best choice.

Benefits of resin bound driveways:

  • Typical lifespan of up to 15 years
  • Can be installed directly on top of existing surfaces
  • Are cost effective when compared to traditional surfacing materials
  • Can be completed quickly and with minimal disruption
  • Surface is hardwearing
  • There is virtually no maintenance required

Speak to the team at Midland Decorative Surfaces today to find out more about the benefits of adding a resin bound driveway to your property.  Call us on 0121 766 8705 or email us here.


The Questions You Should Be Asking Your Resin Bound Surfacing Installers

It’s no secret that resin bound and resin bonded surfacing systems provide a great-looking and cost effective solution for driveways and paths for commercial and large domestic properties. There are countless benefits to installing a resin bound system; it offers good drainage, it lasts for a number of years and it takes little maintenance to name just a few.

The decision to choose a resin bound or bonded surfacing system over gravel, paving stones or asphalt is easy, but you should still take care to find the right company to install your new driveway, path, patio or courtyard. As specialists with many years of experience in providing resin systems throughout the UK, we advise you to ask a number of important questions before choosing the right company.


Do they install other products besides resin bound and resin bonded surfaces?

It’s always advisable to choose a company that specialises in one particular product. If a company regularly works with a number of difference surfacing products, it’s likely that they will lack the expertise of a specialist resin bound and resin bonded company. If resin based surfaces are not a key service, this should ring alarm bells.



Can you get references or view examples of other installations?

As is the case for any contractor that is proud of their work, you should always be able to ask for examples. If a company is confident of their product and their work, they will always be happy to provide references from happy customers or even arrange for you to view an installation close to your location. Never make a decision without having examples of previous work to back up your reasoning.


Do they offer advice for maintenance after installation?

Once your new surfacing system is installed, it is your responsibility to make sure you take the right steps to keep it in good condition. Whilst resin bound systems are hardwearing and relatively low maintenance, to achieve an anticipated life expectancy of up to 15 years, it’s important to prevent any forceful impact and to keep the surface clean, as you would a garden patio. A specialist installation team should offer all the free advice you need to make the most of your surfacing system.



What type of existing surfaces will they lay resin bound or bonded systems on to?

One of the biggest benefits of resin bound systems is that they can be installed directly over most existing surfaces, for example, concrete or tarmac, without the need for excavation work. However, you should note whether a company would be willing to lay a new surfacing system over concrete or tarmac if it is cracked or uneven. Laying resin bound systems over a degrading base will likely result in a shorter than anticipated life expectancy.


To arrange a free no obligation meeting with a member of the Midland Decorative Surfaces Ltd team, simply call 0121 766 8705 or fill in our online contact form. We will be happy to discuss your particular project requirements and answer any of your questions.


Why should you use resin surfacing for tree pit systems?

No one would argue that having more trees in our world is a good thing. In a built up environment, where trees can often take a back seat, it is important to add them where you can, making life a little greener and healthier as you do so. They are important for the environment and for our wellbeing. In urban conurbations it is important that any trees planted along paving areas can thrive and careful consideration is needed to ensure that they are placed in the right places and in the right way.

Tree pits resin-bonded-9-940x300

Planting trees in what we call tree pits – i.e. individual, specially designated and dispersed areas, ensures that trees are given the space that is needed for them to grow safely. However, careful attention needs to be paid to how the tree pit is laid out and protected. Just having the designated space is not enough, as the tree also requires adequate growth room, light and moisture. In addition to the tree’s requirement there is also the need for the tree pit to look tidy and not attract debris and detritus. This is why resin surfacing can be such a great solution.

Resin surfacing is used in many applications but what makes it so suited to tree pits is its unique qualities. Firstly, unlike other options such as metal grilles or open surfaces, a resin bonded surface makes cleaning easy. Leaves and pedestrian rubbish do not get caught up in the flooring surrounding the tree which means that at ground level things look a lot tidier and there is less to clean. Anything that does land there can be easily swept away manually or by mechanical sweeper.

As the resin bonded surfaces used for tree pits are permeable there is no potential for the tree to lack moisture and air. Whatever the tree would normally receive, it will continue to with a resin bonded surface. In the past, people often surrounded the tree base with paving slabs. This often looked neat but either prevented the tree from receiving all the water that it required or necessitated the need for water tubes which then had to be maintained at extra cost.

Finally, an important point in favour of resin bonded surfaces is that they are highly durable. Lasting years with virtually no maintenance required, they are a cost effective, attractive option for any street lined with tree pits.

If you would like to know more about our resin bonded surfaces then please contact Midland Decorative Surfaces for more information.


The Advanced Performance of Resin Based Surfaces

When it comes to resurfacing a driveway, courtyard or pedestrian walkway, many property owners will initially weigh up whether to choose tarmac or block paving as their material of choice. However, if they looked into the options provided by resin bound and resin bonded surfacing systems, they’d soon find that this method provides greater performance and could save them money in the long run. Let’s take a look at how resin based surfaces use technologies to improve performance:


Highly Resistant


Resin based surfaces are UV stable, meaning they won’t fade in sunlight, helping to keep the finish of the area to a high specification for many years to come. The surface will also be unaffected by spillages from liquids such as oil or fuel, a common occurrence on areas that experience high volumes of traffic.


BALI landscape project


Even once the resin has set into place, the finished product will exhibit some degree of flexibility, helping to reduce the risk of the surface cracking over time. The durability and longevity of the resin based surfaces render it a long lasting and therefore economical choice for many different floor surface coverings.

Anti-Slip Surface

Unlike tarmac and block paving, resin bonded and resin bound surfacing provides the ultimate anti-slip surface. This is particularly important in areas of high traffic during wet or icy months, where the risk of slipping is greater.

Easy to Install

As the resin bound surface can be placed over the top of a suitable existing surface, this means there are no major excavations to be carried out and the product can be laid in a relatively short amount of time. Once the system has been applied, it can be walked on by pedestrians after just a couple of hours, and by vehicles after a few hours, therefore reducing downtime in often busy areas.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Due to the method of laying the gravel, customers can choose from a huge range of different coloured natural aggregates and gravels in order to produce a bespoke floor covering. From driveways which complement the brickwork of the home, to entrance paths for large corporations that pick out the company branding colours, unique patterns and designs can be created to match the requests of each customer. As the pieces of gravel or aggregate are bound to the base, there’s no worry of having loose stones seeping out on to the surrounding areas.

If you’re interested in using a resin based surface for your next project, give our team a call on 0121 766 8705 and we’ll talk you through your options.


Top 5 Reasons for Using Resin Surfacing Outside Your Commercial Property

If you own a shop, restaurant or business whereby you have premises which are accessed by the public, it is highly likely that it will be your responsibility to upkeep and maintain the grounds of the property. You have a duty of care to protect your workers and any customers visiting your business and so following health and safety regulations is a must. In addition to this, you will no doubt want to maintain and take care of your shop front as first impressions are crucial to luring in new customers and creating the right impression of your business. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why you should consider using resin surfacing outside your commercial property:

1. It’s practical

Whilst block paving certainly looks attractive, it requires excavation works to prepare the ground for the bricks. This is time consuming and expensive, and it could have an impact on the accessibility to your premises. Even having two or three days where your business needs to be closed to your customers could have a detrimental effect on your company finances. Resin bound and resin bounded surfacing however, can be laid on top of the existing surface and can be used normally after approximately 24 hours of being laid. A quick turnaround is vital in areas of high footfall.


2. It looks good

The aggregate used in the project can include multiple colours, with patterns being created upon request. The resulting areas will look attractive and aesthetically pleasing to customers, improving the kerb appeal of your business front.

3. It’s simple to care for

Gravelled areas are notorious for looking messy after a few weeks or months, with loose gravel shifting from its original position. Block paving is also susceptible to weeds growing in the gaps between bricks, causing additional maintenance work. Resin surfacing however, is very low maintenance. Just occasional sweeping and minor cleaning can help the areas look pristine for years to come, and if required, an aggregate top-up can be applied to keep the area in tip top condition.

4. It provides adequate drainage

Other external flooring methods such as concrete and tarmac can cause water to pool following heavy rain. This puts members of the public at risk of slipping, and can also contribute towards flooding in severe cases. Resin surfacing allows rainwater to permeate through the surface and acts as a Sustainable Urban Drainage System, reducing the risk of slipping and flooding.

5. It is long lasting

A business owner will often look for a product which can offer longevity and value for money. Resin surfacing can offer just this, as most projects we have completed offer a life span of 8 to 15 years. Whilst tarmac and paved surfaces are susceptible to cracking and damage from weed growth, our resin bound or resin bonded surfaces are robust and durable.

If you would like to find out more about our resin bound and bonded gravel surfaces, please contact our team to make an appointment for a free, no obligation meeting by calling 0121 766 8705.


Top Ideas for Renovating Your Driveway

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When someone visits your property, one of the first elements of your home they will see is your driveway. Whilst doors and windows are commonly thought to be the most important aspects of the exterior of your home for making a good impression, a unique and well-kept driveway can go a long way to increasing your property’s visual appeal.

If you are planning to renovate your driveway, it’s important to choose the right resurfacing option to make sure your driveway looks great, functions well and lasts for a long time. If you’re having trouble choosing from the many driveway surfacing options, we’ve put together some top tips for a unique driveway that will last for many years to come.

resin bonded surfacing

Choose a low maintenance drive surface

Whilst a gravel driveway can look amazing, it takes a lot of work to keep your drive looking its best and keeping the aggregate evenly spread. Every time a vehicle moves up your drive, it’s likely that gravel will fly in every direction, so you’ll need to rake your driveway on a regular basis to keep it level. Resin bonded and resin bound surfacing systems provide the natural decorative appearance and grandeur of gravel, but with far less maintenance. Aggregate is bound together with resin, to provide a hardwearing, smooth and seamless driveway solution.

Make the most of colour and patterns

As with any of the exterior of your property, colour is the easiest way to change the appearance and increase the visual appeal of your driveway. With resin bound and resin bonded surfacing systems, you can choose from a wide variety of different coloured aggregate so you can be as bold as you like. For a truly unique driveway, you can also incorporate patterns and designs by using different coloured aggregate in different areas.

Don’t forget about drainage

As well as focusing on the visual appeal of your driveway, it’s important to consider functionality. For any drive, drainage is important; you don’t want a driveway filled with large puddles. Resin bound and bonded surfacing systems provide excellent drainage as the surface is porous, allowing water to permeate through it.

By incorporating sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) and allowing water to pass directly through to the underlying substrate, you remove the need to install expensive and complicated drainage systems.

Choose a surface to last

It’s important to consider that your driveway will be subjected to heavy vehicles driving and parking on it every day, so it will need to be able to take a fair bit of wear and tear. If the underlying concrete or tarmac of your driveway is in good condition, there’s no reason that resin bound surfacing and resin bonded surfacing systems can’t last as long as 15 years.

For more information on resin bound and resin bounded driveway installation, call Midland Decorative Surfaces today on 0121 766 8705 or email


What Makes Resin Surfacing Better Than Gravel, Concrete, Block Paving and Asphalt?

Resin surfacing is a relatively new form of surface which can be used in a wide range of applications, from public walkways and cycle paths, to driveways and other landscaping schemes.


Resin surfacing systems consist of a resin layer which acts as a glue to bind natural loose aggregates, for an aesthetically pleasing yet hardwearing surface. Resin bonded and resin bound are the two types of resin based surfacing, which use the same materials but differ in the way the aggregate is applied.


Resin bonded surfacing first applies the resin layer, on which the gravel is scattered on top. Resin bound surfacing combines the gravel and resin before the mixture is applied to the desired surface.

Both resin bonded and resin bound systems present a cost effective alternative to the more traditional surfacing materials and take on a number of other benefits for residential and commercial projects alike:

Resin surfacing vs. gravel

Although gravel surfaces have a very pleasing aesthetic appeal, the fact that the aggregates are loosely scattered means that they are prone to constant displacement when walked or driven over. Unfortunately this makes pristine gravel surfaces short-lived and brings about higher maintenance and replacement costs. Gravel surfaces are also prone to weed growth.

Resin bound

Resin surfacing can be more expensive to install however it provides the same attractiveness as loose gravel and can last for years with little maintenance. Resin bonded and bound systems can utilise a wide variety of coloured aggregates, however it’s a more flexible option since it won’t move around or wear down as gravel would through heavy usage.

Resin surfacing vs. concrete

Concrete and imprinted concrete surfaces like resin bonded and bound, are easily applied and convenient for a range of purposes. However there are issues that arise with functionality, safety and maintenance.

resin surfacing


Resin surfacing systems are equipped with anti-slip finishes and prevent rapid water run-off, making them more weather resistant than other traditional surfaces. Concrete on the other hand can become slippery when wet and isn’t so resistant to winter conditions. The surface is prone to cracking and staining, demanding ongoing re-covering to restore its smoothness.

Resin based surfacing offers a much more attractive, and weather and stain resistant solution, without the need for the same level of refurbishment.

Resin surfacing vs. block paving

Block paving does allow for a more versatile design than traditional concrete surfaces, however it takes time to lay out the individual blocks whereas resin surfacing can be applied and sets simple and quickly. In fact, resin surfacing can be laid over any existing surface if in good condition, removing the need for excavation and the pre-laying additional costs.


Because block paving is bedded on a layer of sharp sand, it can be easily displaced over time and like gravel is prone to weed growth in between the surface joints. Although there are diverse colour choices, the blocks used in the surfacing are essentially pigmented concrete, meaning that they may suffer from fading over time and the same maintenance issues as concrete.

Resin surfacing vs. asphalt

Asphalt and tarmac surfaces can be applied and set quickly, however they aren’t best suited to landscaping projects where aesthetics are important. Asphalt and tarmac gives an industrial appearance which resin based surfacing trumps. In resin based systems, multiple colours can be used to create pleasing patterns and imagery in spaces large and small.

Another benefit of resin surfacing is that it is highly porous, allowing water to permeate through the surface to the underlying substrate. This makes it a much more environmentally friendly choice than asphalt, meeting the SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) regulations.


Like concrete asphalt and tarmac have a poor resistance to weathering and require more maintenance than resin bonded and resin bound surfaces.

For anyone considering resin bonded or bound surfacing for their project, the Midland Decorative Surfaces team would be happy to advise you and run through your particular requirements. Simply call us on 0121 766 8705 or email