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Phase 1 MediaCityUK

Creative Surfacing Systems

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Resin bound and resin bonded systems are not only long lasting and suitable for practically any surfacing project, from driveways and footpaths, to housing, retail or office developments and landscaping schemes. In addition to being hardwearing and easy to install, one of the biggest drawers of resin surfacing systems is the almost unlimited array of decorative finishes.

Here are some of the more interesting decorative surface projects that we have worked on in recent years:

Driveway, Stratford

For this project in Stratford, Warwickshire, our client wanted their driveway to be split into two sections in contrasting colours to create an eye-catching, yet still restrained finish. For the bulk of the driveway, we installed a resin bound system using sandy coloured gravel, with a rectangular portion instead finished in a grey aggregate. To create neat boundaries and separate the two sections of driveway, we installed cobblestones of a darker grey than the aggregate.

resin bound driveway

Driveway, Knowle

Your driveway is often one of the first chances that you get to make a strong impression on anyone that visits your home. A client in Knowle, near Solihull, chose to welcome visitors to their home with a bold choice of colour for their driveway. We installed a resin bound surfaces in rhine gold aggregate, fitting in with the fold them of their home exterior.

resin bound driveway

Apartment Complex, Barrow in Furness

We were proud be part of a 5 million pound investment in Barrow in Furness, installing an extensive walkway system at the Maritime Apartments complex of 318 self-contained living spaces. We were called upon to lay 2,400 square meters of Chinese Bauxite, forming a striking walkway through the communal gardens at the centre of the complex.

resin bonded surface

Hospital Courtyard, Wythenshawe Hospital

In 2016, we were excited to be a part of a BALI award winning landscape project at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester. Our part in the project was to create a colourful and child friendly surface for the hospital courtyards. We used a combination of coloured gravels to create a sea themed surface finish.

BALI landscape project

Barry Island Sea Front

In 2015, we worked on a major redevelopment of the Barry Island seafront, near Cardiff. During the project, the old tarmac pathways were replaced with a new resin bound surfacing system in a sandy and red design, making an extremely visual impact.

resin bound surface barry

Barry Island resin bound

MediaCityUK, Manchester

Another large project we worked on was the development of the recreational areas and pathways for MediaCityUK in Salford, Greater Manchester. To create the recreational area with outdoor eating and drinking facilities, we used a combination of silver grey granite and orange aggregate to create an eye catching design. We installed a resin bonded system where grey formed the base coloured, with orange aggregate forming large contrasting areas in various shapes.

Phase 1 MediaCityUK


If you have a project in mind where you would like to create a creative, aesthetically pleasing and durable surface, call us today on 0121 766 8705.




Manchester resin bound

Resin Bound Footpaths for a Client in Manchester

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Within the increasing popularity of resin bound and resin bonded surfacing systems as opposed to more traditional surfaces such as gravel, paving stones and asphalt, we regularly work with landscaping and maintenance companies to deliver a long lasting and aesthetically pleasing solution for footpaths, driveways, car parks and landscaping scenes.

Manchester resin bound

We recently completed a project in Manchester on behalf of commercial landscape and maintenance contracting company DGS. We were tasked with providing resin bound surfacing for a footpath of 430sqm – in contrast with the grass and foliage that stand either side of the path, we used an attractive golden pea gravel.


Why resin bound?

Resin bound surfacing is a seamless surfacing system, where gravel is mixed with a flexible resin and then applied to the existing surface. When finished, resin bound surfaces have a smooth, great looking and anti-slip finish. A wide variety of finishes are available, from mixed coloured gravel, to incorporating logos or patterns into the resin surface.


Not only are resin bound footpaths aesthetically pleasing, but they generally last between eight and fifteen years, with very little need for maintenance. This type of surfacing is porous, so water can permeate naturally through the surface, removing the need to invest in expensive drainage systems.


At Midland Decorative Surfaces Ltd, our key personnel have more than 30 years of experience in installing attractive and hard-wearing surfaces across the UK. To arrange a free, no obligation meeting with our team, please call 0121 766 8705 or send us your contact details via our website.


Resin Bound Surfacing for Kingsmere Community Centre

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resin bound surface

Resin bound surfaces are great if you need a surface that’s durable, low maintenance and presentable, all while experiencing high traffic from heavy footfall and various vehicles. The resin bound is a mix of gravel and resin that, when combined, creates a forced action mixer. As a result, it creates a hardwearing surface that’s both speedy and cost effective to install.


We were recently asked to apply a resin bound surface for the new Kingsmere Community Centre in Bicester, on behalf of RDS Construction. Kingsmere is a modern village, established just outside of Bicester. By adding a Community and Youth Centre, the board are hoping it will bring residents closer together next Spring after the grand opening.


As part of the Community Centre they are planning to include a convenience store, four other retail units and a day nursery, so there is something to interest everybody in the community. This also means that it will attract heavy footfall, something that the surrounding area should be able to manage, with minimal damage and maintenance.


The design of the new surface used 6mm Danish Quartz for a natural, calm aesthetic. The project was completed over 120 sqm with eleven tree pits in a matching stone. This helped to keep the design consistent and tie it all together for a clean and symmetrical feel.


When the job was completed everyone involved was delighted with the result, as it suited the desired design perfectly. The resin bound system was a great choice as it is crack resistant and can be applied to most surfaces, including old concrete and tarmac, making the installation process even easier.


Resin bound surfaces are perfect for driveways, pedestrian walks, housing developments, heritage sites, footbridges, cycle paths and retail units, just to name a few. Depending on the use, its lifespan can also spread from 8 to 15 years as it’s so hardwearing.


It also provides an anti-slip surface for busy areas and comes in a wide choice of finishes, to fit your style of landscape. For more information on resin bonded surfacing, get in touch with our friendly team on 0121 766 8705.

Tudor Grange Academy

Back to School: A Functional Resurfacing Project at Tudor Grange Academy

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We are delighted to have completed a recent installation at an educational site in Worcestershire, achieving an attractive and practical result for the client.


Tudor Grange AcademyThe team laid a total of 90 square metres of specially chosen 6mm Rhine Gold surfacing on the exterior walkways at the Tudor Grange Academy in Worcester.


Tudor Grange is a comprehensive school based to the north east of Worcester city centre, offering capacity for 1,130 pupils, including 200 members of their sixth form.


The new surfacing was laid as part of a brand-new bike rack installation to be used by pupils and teachers at the school. This new facility will allow hundreds of cycles to be safely parked at the academy.


Resin bound Rhine Gold surfacing was chosen for this project as it is highly durable and weather resistant, offering a long-term solution that could easily be set alongside the new bike rack systems and the existing concrete walkways that surround the site.


Resin Bound Surfacing

Resin bound surfacing represents a cost-effective alternative to the more traditional surfacing materials, with the added bonus that it is highly customisable and can be used to form a wide range of designs. It also requires a very low level of maintenance, is environmentally friendly, and can be developed for use with a large range of decorative styles.


Resin Bound and Bonded Surfaces are suitable for use on most base surfaces, including gravel and treated concrete, and even the largest projects can usually be completed within a couple of days, causing minimal disruption.


Find out more

Midland Decorative Surfaces Ltd has installed numerous resin bound and bonded surfacing applications for educational facilities, with our portfolio including projects for Oxford Brookes University, Warwick University, Birmingham University, Sheffield University and York University.


We pride ourselves creating beautiful long-lasting surfaces that offer the perfect solutions for domestic and public projects. For a no obligation estimate, or to find out more about the services we can offer to your school, college or university, please call us today on 0121 766 8705, or email:

resin bound driveway

Resin Bound Drive Installation at Impressive Rural Property

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We’re very proud to have completed an impressive project for a domestic client in Warwickshire. This private installation took the team to the beautiful surroundings of Henley-in-Arden, a small and picturesque town 15 miles south-east of Birmingham.

resin bound driveway

Here we laid a new drive and pathway for a large residential property that has been extensively refurbished, using 200 square meters of specially chosen 6mm Norwegian Pearl Resin Bound Surfacing.

We worked with the client to select this light and attractive Resin Bound Surfacing system which perfectly complements the contemporary design of the property and the landscaped gardens that adjoin the front of the property.

Specialist installation was required for the laying of this surface, which included moulding around existing paved verges and setting the surface to against a pronounced slope one side of the driveway.


Resin Bound Surfacing

An attractive and durable solution for external installations, Resin Bound Surfacing represents a cost effective alternative to the more traditional surfacing materials that is highly customisable in terms of shape and design.

One laid by trusted professionals, Resin Bound Surfacing also requires very little in the way of maintenance, is environmentally friendly, and can be developed for use with a large range of decorative styles.

Resin Bound and Bonded Surfacing systems can be applied to most surfaces and can be completed relatively quickly, meaning installations can be completed within a matter of days depending on the size of the job.


Get in touch

Midland Decorative Surfaces Ltd has installed numerous resin bound and bonded surfacing applications for a variety of organisations including The National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, Oxford Brookes University, The National Maritime Museum, The English Landscape Group and the famous Silverstone Racetrack.


We pride ourselves creating beautiful long-lasting surfaces that offer a perfect solutions for domestic and public projects. For a no obligation estimate, or to find out more about the services we offer, please call us today on 0121 766 8705, or email:



Resin Bound Driveway in time for Christmas

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In the run up to the festive season we are all busy trying to tidy, organise and refurbish our homes ready for the arrival of Christmas guests.  Whilst it is all well and good making an impression with the inside of your home and the quality of your decorations, it is the outside that everyone will notice first.  That’s why we we’re delighted to have been able to finish this recent resin bound driveway project for our customer in time for Christmas.

At this time of year everyone loves chocolate, but how about a kind that comes guilt free?  Step up our chocolate resin bound drive, a beautiful rich coloured resin surface bound with gravel aggregates to give the appearance of loose gravel without the maintenance problems.


We used 6mm stone over the 300-square metre area to create an impressive entrance and complement the warm hues of the property’s brickwork and surrounding walls.

Resin bound for life, not just for Christmas

Whilst we can’t promise our driveways will last forever, they do offer a low maintenance alternative to other surfacing systems and have an expected life span of up to 15 years – giving you the opportunity to impress your Christmas guests for many years to come.

To find out more about our resin bound and bonded surfacing systems or to book your project in for 2018, please contact the Midland Decorative Surfaces team today on 0121 766 8705.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


A Resin Bonded Surface Installation with a Community Feel

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We’re delighted to have completed a recent project for a client on a prestigious new housing development in the North of England.


resin bonded surface


This large-scale operation required our specialist team to lay resin bonded walkways at the new Maritime Apartments complex based in Barrow in Furness, Cumbria.


As part of a 5 million pound investment of the Barrow Island area, four of the region’s most historic streets – Ship Street, Barque Street, Brig Street and Sloop Street have undergone major redevelopment work to create affordable housing stock.


Maritime Apartments now comprises of a total of 318 self-contained living spaces, (152 one bedroom apartments, 152 two bedroom apartments and 14 three bedroom apartments) with occupancy currently close to capacity.


In October the team from Midland Decorative Surfaces laid 2,400 square meters of Chinese bauxite to create a walkway system through the communal garden area at the complex (pictured), providing a smart and hard wearing surface that offers a great finishing touch to the development.


We chose to use a Resin Bound Surfacing system for this project as it represents a cost effective alternative to the more traditional surfacing materials, offering a hard wearing surface that requires virtually no maintenance, is environmentally friendly, and allows for a wide range of decorative styles.


resin bonded surface


Resin Bound and Bonded Surfacing systems can be applied to most surfaces and can be completed relatively quickly, minimising any disruption to our clients. We offer a vast range of professional installation service for all types of Resin Bound and Bonded gravel surfaces, all at very competitive prices.


At Midland Decorative Surfaces, we pride ourselves on our ability to create beautiful and long-lasting surfaces. For a no obligation estimate, or to find out more, call us today on 0121 766 8705, or email:

Solihull driveway resurfacing

Creative Thinking Saves The Day – Driveway Resurfacing

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Solihull driveway resurfacing


It’s only natural that most driveways will need resurfacing at some point, but finding an exact match to what you’ve already got isn’t always easy. Maybe the original material no longer exists, or the colours aren’t available – whatever the problem, you’ll probably need expert help to sort it out.


At Midland Decorative Surfaces, our most recently accepted challenge was at a property in Solihull that had a pre-existing surface on the drive that needed refreshing. After trying to source the same stone, it became apparent that it had become discontinued and we needed to think smart.


The client liked the colour and style of the material he already had, so after getting our creative caps on we created a mix using three different aggregates to mimic the discontinued flint he already had down. We laid the resin bound system at 18mm thick, covering around 300 square metres of driveway and the results were superb.


The colour and style perfectly matched the combination of red brick and wooden doors, while the neat and tidy effect of the resin system emphasised the curb appeal of the buildings. Not only did the client get to have an updated, refreshed and high-quality recovering, but the project also highlighted how a bit of creative thinking can save the day.


At Midland Decorative Surfaces, we pride ourselves on our ability to create beautiful and long-lasting driveways. For a no obligation estimate, or to find out more, call us today on: 0121 766 8705, or email:


Attractive Surface Installations That Compliment Your Property

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We are often required to lay external decorative surfaces that are suited to the look and feel of the buildings and gardens close by.


This usually includes choosing materials and colouring that can offer a close or complimentary match with the brick or paintwork used in surrounding buildings, matching surfaces to external fittings and features or applying a colour scheme or pattern style chosen by the customer.

We recently completed a resin-bound driveway installation at a private property in the Cannock area where the client asked for the new surface to be as sympathetic as possible to the beautiful house and gardens that would sit around it.


To meet the customer’s expectations our team used a 6mm terracotta stone that matched brilliantly with the attractive traditional red brick the home was built with and contrasted nicely with the surrounding flowerbeds and grass verges.


decorative surfaces



As the photo above shows, the results look absolutely superb and show how a well-chosen decorative surface can really complement a property and tie in with the existing aesthetics.


At Midland Decorative Surfaces we have completed a wide range of resin bound surface applications that are tailored to the area surrounding the laying site. These have included everything from domestic driveways, paths and patios to courtyards, landscaping schemes and public passageways.


The materials we use for our Resin Bound and Resin Bonded driveway installations are not only highly customisable but also extremely hard wearing, typically lasting between 8 and 15 years depending on usage and with next to no regular maintenance.


What’s more, we can usually lay a new surface on top of existing facades such as concrete and tarmac without the need for excavation, producing a speedy and cost effective driveway installation with style!


If you would like add style and vibrancy to your drive with a new decorative surface installation, call the friendly team at Midland Decorative Services on 0121 7668705.