The Rising Popularity of Resin Bound and Bonded Driveways

In addition to working on large commercial projects, we regularly carry out domestic projects and large projects from housing developments. Resin bonded and resin bound surfaces continue to rise in popularity as awareness of the many benefits and life expectancy of these installations.

In recent times, resin bound and bonded driveways have become increasingly more commonplace as they can be laid directly over existing concrete or tarmac, without the need for excavations – this makes for a fast and cost effective installation. Once finished, the surface is flexible and resistant to cracking, making it an ideal system for withstanding heavy vehicles.

Another important consideration for driveways is drainage. In heavy rains, it’s important that large puddles do not build up near a house, as this could potentially lead to flooding or damage to the property. Resin bound and bonded surfaces are smooth and seamless, yet porous/semi porous, allowing water to permeate through. Incorporating a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS), resin bound or bonded driveways allow water to pass directly through to the underlying substrate, preventing the need to install a costly drainage system.

resin bound driveway

We recently carried out installations for a high-end housing development on behalf of Blossom Homes. We installed driveways for three new builds in all, adding up to 500sqm. For each property, we used 2-5mm aggregate, in a mixture of natural, sandy colours to contrast with the red brick of the houses.

To learn more about the benefits of resin bonded and resin bound driveways, please feel free to browse our website, or call our friendly and knowledgeable team on 0121 766 8705. If you have a project in mind, simply arrange a free, no obligation meeting to discuss your requirements.

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