Resin Bound Footpaths for New Telford Developments

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Telford was developed as a new town in the 1960s and 1970s on what was once industrial and agricultural land and just a collection of small towns. Today, Telford is a growing town with an estimated population of 142,723 and an array of sites to visit. But still being a fairly new town means the developments continue as more additions are made to the community.


One such addition is a new Travelodge for local visitors and a new retail park to bring in business. When we began both projects we were set the task of creating a footpath that was hard wearing and long lasting, so it could manage the heavy footfall which was soon to come without causing damage.


Travelodge surfaceResin Bound Footpaths for Telford

To achieve this, we created a 3mm resin bound footpath in Autumn Gold, as you can see in the photo above. Resin bound surface applications are very durable and barely require any maintenance. Their life spans will vary depending on how they are used, but are known to last an exceptional 8-15 years.


The feel of a resin bound surface is very smooth and seamless, which makes it both comfortable to walk on and aesthetically pleasing. Being a strong, semi porous driveway also allows it to be resistant to cracking, for long lasting results you can trust.


The Final Product

As a result, we proudly presented exactly what both clients had asked for. In the photo above, you can see the newly paved resin bound footpath for Telford’s new Travelodge hotel.


It keeps up with their fresh, clean exterior and guides visitors directly to the hotel entrance. The cool, Autumn Gold colour provides a calm, clear presence that blends well with the landscape’s colour palette.


Over the years, Telford will not need to worry about the impact of the heavy footfall coming to the new hotel and retail park, as resin bound footpaths are designed to last.


For more information on our resin bound surfaces, whether it’s for a new driveway, path, patio or as part of a landscaping scheme, visit our website.

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