Creative Thinking Saves The Day – Driveway Resurfacing

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Solihull driveway resurfacing


It’s only natural that most driveways will need resurfacing at some point, but finding an exact match to what you’ve already got isn’t always easy. Maybe the original material no longer exists, or the colours aren’t available – whatever the problem, you’ll probably need expert help to sort it out.


At Midland Decorative Surfaces, our most recently accepted challenge was at a property in Solihull that had a pre-existing surface on the drive that needed refreshing. After trying to source the same stone, it became apparent that it had become discontinued and we needed to think smart.


The client liked the colour and style of the material he already had, so after getting our creative caps on we created a mix using three different aggregates to mimic the discontinued flint he already had down. We laid the resin bound system at 18mm thick, covering around 300 square metres of driveway and the results were superb.


The colour and style perfectly matched the combination of red brick and wooden doors, while the neat and tidy effect of the resin system emphasised the curb appeal of the buildings. Not only did the client get to have an updated, refreshed and high-quality recovering, but the project also highlighted how a bit of creative thinking can save the day.


At Midland Decorative Surfaces, we pride ourselves on our ability to create beautiful and long-lasting driveways. For a no obligation estimate, or to find out more, call us today on: 0121 766 8705, or email: jack@fbservices.co.uk.

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